Monday, October 11, 2010

What's New for October's Cruise-In ...

Latter Rain is a well-known local band which has played at the Oakboro Music Hall. We're very excited about them performing on Oct. 22. Their stage will be set up on front of Sun Trust Bank. They play a variety of Christian music.

We expect we'll have a DJ over by Mom's and Pop's Antique Store too. Good dancing music ...

So come and have some fun, eat some of our wonderful locally-made popsicles and get an Oakboro Cruise-In shirt. They're in a variety of sizes and colors. Start your Christmas shopping early at The Art Shop.

Oh, by the way, we won't be having a burnout this month. It's no reflection upon the crazy tractor driver from September - we just won't have the level of security that night like we normally do. We want to make sure everyone who attends our event is safe.

But the burnout will return!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Chill Off Tonight in Oakboro

Did you know popsicles are made right here in Oakboro? They are - and they're made from fruit. Oh, they're really good! $1 each ... great way to cool down on such a hot night!

The Burnout will start at 9 p.m. We anticipate cars will start arriving a little early because it's just so darned pretty today! Great photo ops!

And, we've already started our 10-day July 4th Celebration -- so this will be an extra-special night.

Friday, May 28, 2010

What will the weather be?

According to Future Weather on WGHP in High Point, there is a chance we'll get a little rain but it will be out of here by 5 p.m. But rain or shine, we'll have a fun time tonight in downtown Oakboro! This forecast comes from WCNC in Charlotte.... But if we do get rain on Saturday, that's a great time to treat your yard to get rid of ticks and fleas. Car Gal just found a tick yesterday after treating her yard in March. Go to your local garden supply store for supplies.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sun's Shining -- BURNOUT's TONIGHT!!!!!

The sun has popped out and cars are glistening ... Elvis is tuning up ... we're getting ready to have a party .. and the first burnout of 2010.

So hop in your car, bring some friends and come to Oakboro!

Bring your camera, some cash for food - and some cash for 50/50 tickets. If you win, you'll take home half the pot and the rest goes to not only produce this event, but also help pay for a scholarship to send a local student to Stanly Community College's automobile technology program.

Have fun ... Help a student!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Cruise-In - Rain or Shine!

Yep, we're having it - so drive your car here and show it off. Ok, the forecast does have rain in it, but we're hoping it doesn't rain in Oakboro from 3-9 p.m.

Gotta great DJ! Baxter is a super DJ and has fun with the crowd. 50/50 tickets - someone can go home with cash.

You may not know it, but the money we raise at the Oakboro Cruise-In has started going to scholarships to help local kids attend Stanly Community College and learn about automobile technology. Buy a 50/50 ticket and help a kid learn how to fix your car!

Now Car Gal, who puts this Website together, is also working on another cruise-in on Saturday, April 17 in Asheboro. It's a fundraiser with an entry fee of $25. The name of the event is the Cruisin' for Miracles Car Show and Old Time Chili Cookoff. Hey, if you like cooking chili, this might be an event for you, too! Old cars and homemade chili. The Website for the chili cookoff is and that site will take you to the car show - it's actually two events going on at the same time, same place, same day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

People are talking about us .....

Hey, Oakboro loves bugs!
Yea, the VW Bugs!
Check this out ..... the Oakboro Cruise-In has been the topic of discussion...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cruise-ins Everywhere

Seems like everyone loves the sexy lines, the curves, the swirls of old cars. I know I do. I was at the stoplight the other day when a precious bright red Corvette pulled up beside me. I don't recall the driver, but I did admire the classy style.

So it's no wonder that towns like Asheboro (April 17) are starting cruise-ins. The one on April 17 will be a fundraiser with Golden Corral for the Children's Miracle Network - and the setting will be alongside the Old Time Chili Cookoff.

I see quite a few of the Asheboro car collectors at the Oakboro show. Small world ...small towns ... pretty cars!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 2010 Cool Cruise-In

Come have dinner and show off your car. No, it's a bit too cold to do burnouts this time of year, but we still like to show off our cars and socialize.

We have a variety of restaurants - Cafe East, Hayfield's Steak & Seafood, Penny's and Wayside. The Art Shop, antique shops and others will be open late.

We've heard there is a possibility that members of the Carolinas Miata Car Club will come, but we haven't heard for sure. If so, bundle up with a warm jacket, some gloves, a hat and take a stroll up and down Main Street. Here's a pic I pulled off the Internet. Makes you feel a little warmer, yea? See you Friday night!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Dates

The shiny cars, photo opportunities, friendly conversation and the burnout are what continue to pull people monthly to the Oakboro Cruise-In. The Stanly County event pulls in around 6,000 or so people and 500 cars if the weather is pretty.

The event is held on the fourth Friday of each month. Cars start arriving around 3 p.m., but it actually starts at 5 p.m. At 9 p.m., the Burnout is held, filling the streets with soft billowing smoke, tire squeals and cheers from the crowds.

The Burnout is held April through October, while the Cruise-In is a monthly event.

The 2010 dates are January 22, February 26, March 26, April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, August 27, September 24, October 22 and November 26. There will not be a December event as it falls on Christmas Eve.