Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Site Used in a Seminar

Jim Buie, an expert in social marketing, incorporated this Website (blog) in his educational seminar on Jan. 29 at the NC Main Street annual conference. He was talking about ways to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger and Wordpress to communicate via the Web.

Thanks Jim!

Everyone in the audience represented a small town across the state and many of them hold cruise-ins. Some commented that even though they have not been to Oakboro, they know about it because so many of the drivers of cars participating in their own cruise-ins tell them about the huge and highly successful Oakboro Cruise-in!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Brings Warm Weather for January Cruise-in

Diehard fans of the Oakboro Cruise-In braved the cold for the January Cruise-In. A small but enthusiastic group drove into town to enjoy the camaraderie and to sample the local restaurants.

Visitors from nearby Spencer said they never missed an Oakboro event, siting the friendliness of all the participants. They also frequent the cruise-ins in Lexington, Hickory and other cities, but none are as full of excitement as Oakboro’s. Weather permitting, they said, they will be back in February.

A group of three families from Salisbury said they always came to Oakboro, ate at the restaurants, and stayed through the burnout in the summer months. “We always see people we know and meet the friendliest folks here,” said one participant.

Oakboro holds cruise-ins each month on the fourth Friday night beginning at 5 p.m.. From April through October, a burnout is held starting about 9 p.m. The event continues to draw thousands of people each of those months.

The Cruise-In is sponsored by the Greater Oakboro Business Association and is managed by a committee of dedicated volunteers. This group is working hard to add new features to the event and to make it more spectator-friendly.

For information on vendors, call 704-485-2065. Other contacts include Jerry Crayton at 704-467-4992, Randy Huneycutt at 704-485-4142, and Ann Hopkins at 704-791-3019.