Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bojangles Features Oakboro in Commercials

In August 2008, the advertising agency for Bojangles came to town. TV commercial producers interviewed a lot of people and captured a lot of images of cars.

Commercials began airing across the Carolinas in January 2009. The first one featured Jake DelHomme and Steve Smith with the Carolina Panthers. Oakboro Cruise-in volunteer Joel Leonard was also in the commercial. He's a tall guy who used to play football - and sometimes sells the 50/50 tickets.
Now, a second commercial is airing with Jerry Crayton, Cruise-in founder and Mayor Joyce Little. The spot opens announcing the Oakboro Cruise-In and shows a lot of cars throughout - and ends with a great daytime shot along Main Street.

We thank Bojangles for coming to our town and for helping us promote what we think is the biggest and best cruise-in anywhere.


Anonymous said...

So this is supposed to be our Oakboro leaders with our best interests at heart. Sounds like self promotion and pushing their own personal agendas, typical for a small town. Anyone thought of the negatives a chain store brings. Anyone thought of the detrimental impact on our own locally owned restaurants and the 100+ local people this could put out of work. Nope, just gotta have unsweet tea!

Greta Anita Lint said...

Thank you for taking time to post your thoughts. They have been shared with event organizers.